Tungsten Carbide Powder Procurement

Tungsten Carbide Soft Scrap Divison

Tungco Powder Procurement (TPP) specializes in Tungsten Powder, Tungsten Carbide Sludge, also known as Tungsten Carbide Swarf or Tungsten Carbide Soft Scrap. With Tungsten Carbide Sludge, knowing your Tungsten content is paramount. So, we strive to provide our suppliers with a prompt, accurate analysis.  No percentage of Tungsten Carbide Sludge will be too high or low: wet or dry, 20% W or 90% W, we buy it all. If Tungsten Carbide Sludge is a product that you sell, give us a call today. We purchase material both domestic and international and are happy to assist with any logistics. For a current price quote on tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder procurement please contact Rob Doner.

Tungsten Carbide Sludge

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