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Tungsten carbide sludge, sometimes referred to as tungsten swarf, is a valuable by product of the tungsten carbide tooling industry.  Tungco is one of the most trusted names of tungsten carbide reclamation in the world.  Tungco Powder Procurement or TPP, the soft scrap division makes it our mission to utilize every bit of scrap material.

TPP will purchase all amounts of tungsten swarf at competitive prices. Whether it is high or low, 20% W or 90% W, wet or dry, domestic or international, we want to buy it.

Tungsten carbide sludge from the grinding and sharpening of tungsten carbide tooling are not the only processes that generate this product.  The thermal spray, PTA and HVAF processes also generate a tungsten laden powder as a byproduct of our processes.

If you’re looking for tungsten scrap quotes, contact Tungco today for a fast response. Our reclamation experts are happy to work with you to solve any logistical problems.

Tungsten Isn’t Just a Commodity, It’s All We Do

There’s a reason consumers, suppliers, and manufacturers turn to Tungco for all of their tungsten scrap recycling needs. Not only do we purchase tungsten scrap and tungsten carbide sludge, but we also manufacture and sell our own tungsten carbide parts. When you sell tungsten carbide sludge to us, you’re aren’t working with a middleman and because of our position in the industry, we’re able to offer the best prices on tungsten carbide scrap.

In fact, it’s our mission to specialize in Tungsten. The Tungco Powder Procurement division began in 2009, but Tungco has been around for over 40 years. We offer some of the best terms and pricing in the industry.

If you have tungsten carbide sludge to recycle, don’t hesitate to contact Tungco right away. We’ll analyze your tungsten content to ensure you get every penny your scrap is worth.

Need more info on current tungsten scrap prices and tungsten carbide sludge? Give us a call at  270-825-0000 or email Rob Doner at rdoner@tungco.com.

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