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Tungco specializes in tungsten carbide reclamation and raw feed supply to tungsten carbide suppliers and consumers. We take scrap tungsten carbide, including tungsten carbide drills and sort the material to specific consumer specifications.  This high-quality tungsten carbide scrap is then used to create new tungsten carbide parts and or tooling. For more than 40 years we have been working in the industry providing our consumers with top quality tungsten carbide material.

Selling Your Tungsten Carbide Drills

We deal with high volumes of tungsten.  Our team is dedicated to serving you with the best tungsten carbide recycling process in the industry.  We have placed an emphasis on competitive pricing and quick turnarounds.  Along with tri-cone drill bits, Tungco also places a focus on tungsten carbide drills, tungsten carbide inserts, tungsten carbide wear parts, tungsten carbide mining compacts, and tungsten matrix bits.

Efficient Tungsten Scrap Recycling

Since 1969, Tungco has been working with consumers in tungsten carbide reclamation. We purchase tungsten carbide scrap materials and sort them to meet our customers’ specifications. Tungsten carbide drills and other scrap materials are sold to our customers who produce new carbide parts.

As a scrap carbide recycling company, Tungco takes pride in every business transaction that we do domestically and internationally. We are a leader in tungsten carbide recovery and recycling, making sure that nothing goes to waste.

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If you’re looking to sell tungsten carbide drills or any other tungsten scrap material, please contact us for current pricing.

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