How to Determine Tungsten Carbide Scrap Prices

How to Determine Tungsten Carbide Scrap Prices

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The strong, durable metal known as tungsten carbide can actually come in over a dozen grades. All types of tungsten can be used for different applications and it makes for a hot commodity within the tungsten recycling business. If you’re thinking about selling your tungsten to a scrap carbide recycling company, you should probably consider the scrap carbide prices.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the price of tungsten carbide scrap has varied widely over the past few decades. Prices of tungsten scrap are not published regularly like other commodities (gold and silver); however, there are ways to determine how what scrap carbide prices you should be expecting.

Prices for tungsten scrap aren’t published too often, so recycling companies, sellers, and industry officials need to find other ways to compare tungsten prices. Over the years, however, the best way to get at least a reference price for tungsten would be to determine the actual price of tungsten concentrates.

Once trading tungsten concentrates began to decline, the price of ammonium paratungstate (APT) became the most widely traded type of tungsten martial in the world. As per the USGS:

“The price of APT is quoted in units of tungsten trioxide (WO3). The short ton unit, which is used in the United States, is 1 percent of a short ton (20 pounds) and tungsten trioxide is 79.3 percent tungsten. Therefore, a short ton unit of WO3 equals 20 pounds of WO3 and contains 7.19 kilograms (kg) (15.86 pounds) of tungsten. The metric ton unit, which is used in most other countries, is 1 percent of a metric ton (10 kg). A metric ton unit of WO3 contains 7.93 kg (17.48 pounds) of tungsten.”

Throughout the years, despite the ability to provide a price reference or not, tungsten prices have fluctuated widely and the market has witnessed both scarcities and oversupplies. Especially during the 1990s, prices at one point were as low as $32 per metric on and as high as $100 per metric ton.

At the end of the day, however, the best thing you can do to determine accurate scrap carbide prices is to talk to a qualified tungsten company. Contact Tungco today if you want to learn more about tungsten carbide prices.

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