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  • 74 Alloys Scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys

    74 Alloys | Scrap Tungsten Heavy Alloys

    74 Alloys is a new company under the Tungco family, established in July 2014.  This company specializes in Tungsten Heavy Alloys referred to as WHA. W is the chemical symbol for Tungsten, H is heavy and A is alloys. 74 is the Atomic number of …

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  • Tungsten Carbide inserts - why is tungsten carbide the metal to choose?

    Why is Tungsten Carbide the Most Chosen Metal?

    Why Choose Tungsten Carbide? When it comes to industry, efficiency is everything.  Make the most product at the lowest cost while maintaining ethical practices. Metal tools that are used constantly, all day long can wear out quickly.  This is the reason that the majority of …

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  • Downward Trend in the Tungsten Carbide Scrap Market

    The tungsten carbide scrap market has been softening for several months. If you are a trader of tungsten this is no news to you. Several factors go into scrap carbide pricing. A major factor in the recent downturn is that the companies who consume carbide …

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  • Tri-cone Bits

    Tungsten Reclamation: Tri-Cone Drill Bits

    In the business of Tungsten carbide reclamation and recycling we see many different types of tungsten carbide come through our warehouse. One of the most interesting types of Tungsten Carbide Hard Scrap that we see is the tri-cone drill bit.  This alien looking creature is …

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  • Tungco First Building

    Tungco: A Story of Innovation

    The greatest businesses begin with a simple thought, an observation of a societal need and the innovative understanding of how to meet that need. In the fall of 1969 James Nance approached his son with one such thought. He saw the discarded Tungsten Carbide drill …

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