Our Mission

is to be “Tungsten Specialists.” The decision was made many years ago to centralize our focus on Tungsten and the alloys that are part of its family.

Our oldest and largest division, Tungco, specializes in Tungsten Carbide Hard Scraps. They focus on items such as: Tungsten Carbide Drills, Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts, Tungsten Carbide Mining Compacts and the like. Their competitive edge comes from over 40 years of experience with Tungsten Carbide Scraps.

Tungco Powder Procurement (TPP) began in 2009 and specializes in Tungsten Carbide Sludge; also known as Tungsten Carbide Swarf or Tungsten Carbide Soft Scrap.

The newest addition, 74Alloys, was created to specialize in all other types of Tungsten alloys. Be it Heavy Metal, Densalloy, Mallory, Elkonite, Pure Tungsten, Vacum Tungsten, Tool Steels and any other alloys that would be found within or near the Tungsten family.

Our objective is to do one thing and do it really well. What we do is Tungsten. It keeps our focus uniform and the tungsten scrap market keeps us globally diversified.

Cliff Nance – President

Tungco specializes in tungsten carbide reclamation and raw feed supply to tungsten carbide suppliers and consumers. They supply truckload quantity of material to consumers who recycle and make new carbide parts. Tungco sets themselves apart from the competition because they manufacture various lines of tungsten carbide parts themselves which allows them to pay more for scrap because they actually turn it into a product instead of just trading or selling it as a scrap commodity.

The Tungsten professionals at Tungco buy different types of tungsten then separate it into specific grades.  They bring scrap in the back door and push raw materials out the front door. They use an independent lab to get unadulterated results that have not been manipulated. They pay top dollar, have quick turn times, and their customer service is second to none. The turn time from the day you ship it to the day that they receive it and you get your money for your scrap is just 10 days.

They are leading the industry in the secondary raw materials market offering the customer exactly what he or she is looking for. They pride themselves on doing whatever it takes to make each client a happy customer or supplier.

3955 Anton Rd. Madisonville, KY 42431 O: 270-825-0000 | F: 270-825-0889

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