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Understanding the Tungsten Extraction Process: Surface and Underground Mining

Tungsten is an extremely valuable metal for dozens of global industries, which is why tungsten scrap markets are currently expanding. Because this metal is both extremely durable and can be crafted into numerous alloys, it is commonly used in some of the most heavy duty mining machines on the planet. Tungsten actually only appears naturally when it’s combined in four …

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Why Are Tungsten Carbide Inserts So Useful?

Tungsten carbide inserts are extremely helpful for dozens of business owners, construction workers, and many more people across the world. But why are tungsten carbide inserts so great? Carbide inserts are very efficient and cost effective compared to similar tools. Tungsten carbide material is extremely durable and results in a much longer working life. Tungsten carbide actually comes in over …

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Question: Can I Recycle or Sell Scrap Tungsten Carbide Inserts?

Answer: Yes! More importantly, how can you recycle tungsten carbide inserts, drill bits, and other parts? Most oil and gas companies, mining companies, and manufacturers regularly sell their scrap tungsten carbide inserts to carbide recycling plants or buyers. Whether you’re involved in one of these industries or you just stumped upon a large quantity of tungsten carbide inserts or scrap, you …

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