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Industry Outlook: 2017 Tungsten Recycling Business

There are dozens of industries that rely on the success of the tungsten recycling business. Tungsten is used for all kinds of manufacturing and production processes and can be easily recycled to help out even more businesses. Out of all tungsten available for scrap, roughly 66% of it was either used throughout the United States or exported for recycling. According …

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5 Industries That Rely On Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten was discovered 236 years ago, but wasn’t applied to an industry for another 150 years. Now, tungsten carbide bits, sludge, powder, and more are being used in dozens of industries. Here are some of the most popular industries that use tungsten carbide bits and other forms of tungsten metal. Automobile industry Though there are plenty of tools that are …

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2019 Porche Cayenne to Feature Tungsten Carbide Breaks

According to USA Today, the new Porsche model will not only have an advanced InnoDrive system that allows the driver-assist feature to electronically see 1.8-miles down the road, but will feature tungsten carbide breaks. Tungsten carbide is roughly twice the stiffness and density of steel and finds itself halfway between lead and gold. Because this metal is so powerful and durable, it’s now …

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