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Ram Unveils New Luxury Tungsten Pickup Truck

Tungsten was discovered in 1781 but it took until the 1930s for this durable metal to finally start making its way into various industries. This strong material has been used in all kinds of ways to help various industrial, commercial, and agricultural industries succeed. Tungsten carbide recycling has even become extremely popular due to tungsten’s ability to be reused in …

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How the Advent of Tri-Cone Bits Revolutionized the Mining Industry

Tri-cone drill bits are one of the most interesting scrap metals on the market today. Not only do these tri-cone bits consist of durable tungsten metal, which consists of cobalt and nickel binders that are used to add anywhere from 3% to 30% weight, they can still be reused for drilling purposes provided they are in good shape. Tri-cone drill …

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What To Do With Tungsten Carbide Hard Scrap?

If you happen to come across tungsten carbide hard scrap, whether you were looking for it or not, you should know that you are now in possession of a high quality item. Tungsten was discovered in the 1700s and since the 1930s has been a cornerstone of many industries across the world. No matter what industry you are or are …

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